My Uncle George

My Uncle George was a great man who existed in two opposite worlds. Because he lived far away in Utah, I did not get to see him very often. But I was with him enough to know of his unique talents. Now it is not necessary to list all of his abilities and accomplishments. Let it suffice to say he was a man of great intellect and esteem. I know this is the truth, and that is enough for me.

But as he advanced in years and experiences, his position changed dramatically. He became feeble and basically non-essential to everyone except his closest family. No longer was he sought out for advice and counsel, but instead was relegated to places out of the way, such as a far corner where he would entertain by playing his saxophone or remove himself to his “office” (a closet).

I relate this information to show how my life has had similar parallels. My days of greatness and accomplishment are behind me, as I stumble forward to whatever fate has in store. No longer do I have the physical ability to move mountains, but instead stay safely in my chair. No longer do I have the mental acuity to engage in meaningful conversation with my peers. No longer do I have the ability to handle personal financial matters, but instead am given a monthly allowance with no hope of a cost-of-living increase. No longer am I able to sweep young maidens off their feet, but instead watch late-night reruns of questionable merit.

Now please don’t think I am feeling bitter or downcast. Far from it. I am just experiencing life as it is, and not as it ought to be. I have passed from romantic to optimist to realist, and am waiting to see if there is a fourth stage before the end. So if I am a mirror image of my Uncle George, so be it. Sitting in the back seat is not all that bad. It allows for an occasional nap, which is the high point of a life well-lived. Everyone should be so lucky. -30-


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