A Lesson about Kittens

I have recently learned a valuable lesson, one which I wish I had discovered earlier in my life. What is it, you ask? Don’t get too attached to things which will ultimately disappear. Youth, memories, life, all good candidates. But not today. Today my loss is kittens, three-month-old kittens that are cuter than anything you can imagine.
Seven kittens whose mother is a Calico, given to me by a neighbor who departed soon after. The father is a transient (that’s putting it nicely). He came, he saw, he conquered, and I witnessed the whole sordid affair.
Since I already care for six adult cats (five feral), two opossums, and two skunks, adding seven kittens was out of the question. So, against my heartfelt feelings, they are now in the Harrison County Animal Control Shelter. Their pictures are posted on the shelter website, so I can keep an eye on them. But it isn’t the same thing, not even by a long shot.
I think of them everyday. I miss them everyday. I keep hoping for a miracle, but miracles are not part of my existence. So I am learning emotional self-control and now to handle self-loneliness (is that a word?). My prayer is not for me, however. I am praying that the seven little jewels will find a good home and live to a ripe old age. Am I being selfish? You bet I am. But that won’t get my kittens back. Nothing will..Doc


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