Thinking of Neda

Tonight I am feeling very sad. I am mourning the death of a young girl that I never even heard of three days ago. I am talking about Neda, the 27 year old who was killed by police in the fury of the Tehran uprising.
It’s not that she was killed uselessly, which is obvious, but that she went out that day to voice her opinion, her God given right, and she was killed for her efforts. She never dreamed that she would die that day. The look on her face as she list there in the Tehran street is something I will be a long time forgetting.
I feel sorry for all the Nadas of the world who only want a better life, but instead meet an early death. On the other hand I am grateful for Nada and the example she set. She did what we all should do: stand up for what we believe, whether it be in Iran or Main Street. Good job, Neda. I honor you and your compatriots. Rest easy after a job well done.


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