Father’s Day

One nice thing about a blog like this is that since no one reads it, I can say pretty much whatever I want and won’t have to worry about any repercusions. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Normally, it would be a happy time for me. One of my few pleasures in life is having all my kids together at one time. However, this year will be different. I was just informed that no one will be here tomorrow because everyone is feuding and I seem to be caught in the middle. I was also informed that in August my wife will be moving out to get a chance to “sort things out.” So, I guess the only Father’s Day for me will be going to the cemetery and wishing my own father a happy Father’s Day. I guess that’s better than celebrating my own anyway. To all you fathers out there, may your day be a great one. Enjoy it to the max. Later…..Doc


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

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